The Power Behind the Internet and How and Why It Was Invented

It is the miracle of ages. Speaking to people around the world in seconds and publishing one’s knowledge, opinions, and thoughts for free is an immense achievement. The question is why now and how and why was it invented? To answer that we must go back at least two millennia to the first mathematical calculations and follow the path of all inventions to the present.

There is another consideration, however, that is overlooked but stands out a mile in the context of a plan of the Spirit of the Universe. It is the ultimate power behind everything man does. While few hear of or contemplate this Supreme Being it is known to me.

Memory of reincarnation remains the motivation for the path my life took. Between lives while in the Spirit true understanding of the purpose of our being was shown to me. We are tested for our connection to that source and everyone is back as we approach the last days.

The majority are not spiritually connected and strive to achieve in wealth, power, and the control of others. They are the bullies and dictators, and those who like to be above others in achievements, social status, and lifestyles. We see them among the religiously correct and the Presidents and leaders of countries.

Those who are spiritually connected are more content with their lot in life and achieve in a different way. They are driven by the Spirit into inventions and creativity that is amazing. So it has been with the accomplishments behind the Internet.

From the first calculating machine in the Greek and Roman Empires and then slowly through much striving we have things like computers, electricity, and power. The telephone, radio, and even wars contributed to the final worldwide connection.

Was this from the Spirit? It was written thousands of years ago in prophecy and could only be so if it was planned. We are at that time when knowledge is free and all in the world is on an equal footing to see and hear the latest news instantly, as promised for the last days:

“In the last days it shall come to pass that the mountain of God shall be established in the top of the mountains and all people will flow unto it.” Micah 4:1

In ancient terms a mountain is a place of learning and the Internet sits above all such institutions and places where knowledge is stored. Not only that but the truth can no longer be hidden because of it. So the truth is setting people free and allowing the Spirit to penetrate otherwise their deaf ears and closed eyes. That fulfils another of God’s prophecies and proves why it was invented.

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8 Advantages Of Aluminum Sand Castings

As far as aluminum sand casting is concerned, know that it can offer a lot of advantages. These advantages fall in a lot of categories including logistics, finance and so on. Let’s take a look at some prominent advantages.

1. Flexible Quantities

Flexible production quantity is the first main advantage. For instance, some castings can deliver up to 100,000 pieces per year. This is possible because of innovative mold designs that can balance unit and tooling costs.

2. High Strength

This process gives high strength. Molten aluminum is put into a strong metal mold that reduces the mold temperature. As a result, the metal solidifies into a fine-grain texture, which is free of trapped gas and porosity. Therefore, your castings enjoy much better quality metallurgical properties, higher strength and pressure tightness.

3. Less Machining

Machining costs a lot of money. The goal of manufacturers is to reduce the use and cost of secondary machining. They do so by offering close dimensional control, total repeatability and a smooth finish. Also, this process allows flat casting of the surfaces. At times, they are free from any taper or draft.

4. Low Cost

The biggest benefit of aluminum sand casting is low cost. Since machining is reduced during this process, customers can enjoy much lower unit costs. Engineers use their experience and knowledge in order to produce new mold designs. And this helps reduce the tooling costs considerably.

5. Molded Inserts

Aluminum sand casting allows you to cast molded inserts. Typically, the casting is cast with the help of a stainless steel insert in order to offer a wear-resistant, hard surface and keep the other part lightweight.

Also, the casting is designed to offer wear-resistant and durable threads. At times, cast-in threaded ones offer lower costs than CNC taping or drilling. Regardless of this, molded inserts offer cost-saving techniques.

6. Smooth Surface Finish

Fine surface is another great advantage you can enjoy if you follow this technique. The finish is smooth enough for gaskets and o-ring seals in a number of applications. Also, they are smooth enough. Aside from this, the castings feature a clean appearance that can help reduce the need for many expensive operations, such as mass finishing and polishing. Apart from this, it’s easy to tumble, paint, plate, coat, anodize and polish the castings.

7. Close Tolerance

Usually, metal molds are used to make castings. Therefore, the dimensional variation and close tolerance of the pieces is negligible. So, you can enjoy higher precision and accuracy. Also, you can cast a lot of parts without machining. As a result, you can save a lot of money.

8. High Quality

For guaranteed high-quality castings, upfront engineering and process control are quite important. The combo of these two can help exceed industry standards by reducing the failure rate and internal scrap. This is done by keeping an eye on all the processes and investing a lot of effort into designs and development processes.

5 Major Advantages of Plastic Injection Molding

As far as versatility is concerned, plastic injection molding is one of the best production methods. The reason is that it offers a lot of advantages over other traditional methods of injection molding. This method is simple, reliable and more efficient. That’s the reason most manufacturers use it to make parts. In this article, we are going to discuss the 5 primary advantages of using plastic molding.

1. Complex Geometry and Detailed Features

We know that molding involves extremely high pressure. So, this high pressure allows manufacturers to add a lot of details to the components. Aside from this, the extreme pressure helps make complex shapes. Other methods can also help achieve the purpose but the cost and complications will be too high.

2. High Efficiency

After the designing of the molds, the molding process becomes quite quick, unlike other molding methods. Actually, plastic injection molding doesn’t take much time. Moreover, it allows the making of a lot more parts in a short period of time.

That’s the reason this method is a lot more efficient. Usually, these parts are more consistent as far as quality is concerned. However, it won’t be easy to make changes to the colors.

3. Enhanced Strength

As far as plastic injection molding is concerned, fillers can also be added. They can cut down on the plastic density during the molding process. Plus, they can help add more strength to the components. Plastic molding can help make parts that can meet the strength needs of a specific application.

As a matter of fact, enhanced strength is one of the main advantages of this process that appeals to most manufacturers.

4. The use of Multiple Types of Plastic

Another main advantage of this technique is that it allows the use of the different types of plastic at the same time. And one way of doing so is to use co-injection molding. So, manufacturers are not limited to only certain types of plastic anymore.

5. Automation for Cost-Reduction

Since this process is automatic, it’s possible to save a lot of money. Most of the process is done by robotics and machines. These machines are controlled by only one operator. As a result, the cost of manufacturing comes down significantly.

Apart from this, the overall manufacturing cost comes down. So, the price tag is also lower, which makes it possible for even an average buyer to place their order. Automation also allows for accurate and precise injection molds. Both CAM and CAD enable close tolerance while the molds are made.

The Bottom Line

To cut a long story short, plastic injection molding helps make parts that don’t require a lot of post-production work. In fact, parts are complete from all aspects once they have been taken out of the molds.

Nowadays, this process is quite common as it’s eco-friendly. The scrap plastic is collected for reuse. Therefore, there is almost no waste left behind. So, this was a description of some of the most common advantages of plastic injection molding.